10 Swims in 10 Days

October 4th 2017 - Dorney Lake, Windsor SL4 6QP

Swim 2.4 miles, every day for 10 days.

This is a multi day event where you will swim a total of 24 miles over 10 days in the Dorney rowing lake. An amazing achievement for any open water swimmer.

This event is also perfect for swimmers who are training for long distance events, where fatigue and cooler temperatures are an issue. You can swim wetsuit or skins.

This event is limited to just 35 entries, so enter early to avoid missing out.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

- Dory

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Race Information

The Route

Swim course (4 laps):

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Info Pack

This will be available 4 weeks before the event.

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Event date:
Wednesday 4th October 2017

Event location:
Dorney Lake, Windsor SL4 6QP

When do I register?
Registration is open from 1700 on Tuesday 3rd October

Where is registration?
Registration is held in the event marquee, Dorney Lake, Windsor SL4 6QP

What do I get when I register?
Swim hat, timing chip and event t-shirt.

What time is the briefing?
On the startline on day one - 0645 Wednesday 4th October

What time does the race start?
At 07:00 every day.

What will be available at the lakeside aid station?
Glyco Source, bananas, Jack Oat Bars, cake, jellybabies, crisps, soup, toast, tea, coffee, water, squash, coke etc.

Can I get hot food after my swim?
Sainsburys / Starbucks is just over a mile away and you have full use of kitchen equipment in HQ marquee (kettle, microwave and cookers) Also, hot water available 24/7.

Is there car parking available?
Parking is available at Dorney Lake. You will need to purchase a ticket.

Is there camping available?
Competitor camping is available at the Amerden campsite which is just over 1.5 miles away from the venue. Please book early and let the campsite owners know that you are with the 2017 Brutal event. Price is £12 per person, per night.

Do I need crew?
Crew are important for these types of events, but it is not a condition of entry.

What are the cut offs?
You need to finish each swim within the 2.5 hour cut off each day.

Please note that this event is being held at the same time as the Deca UK Ultra Endurance Triathlons.

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Entry fees

10 Swims in 10 days entry - £180

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