The Brutal Team

The Founder

Claire Smith loves all types of adventure and enjoys pushing her limits. She also has a passion for helping other people realise their true potential and really believes that you can do anything you put your mind to. Claire is by no means a natural athlete, but has never let that stop her entering (and even finishing) some quite tough events.


Having completed marathons, ultras, an IOW swim, half, full, double and triple iron triathlons, a Lanzarote Ultra Solo Challenge (which took over 44 hours - read the report here,) the World's First GymQuin and a Continuous Deca in Switzerland. Claire is now in training for her next challenge and you can follow her progress here...

The Crew

Brutal work with an awesome team of medics, mountain leaders, marshals, kayakers, drivers and checkpoint staff who love nothing more than standing in dark fields wearing a high viz jackets.

And the famous Flapjacks are made by Claire's mum!

Do you want to work for Brutal?
We are always looking for marshals, kayakers and MLs to work on our events.

Please email Claire for more information.

The event was certainly something to test the mind and body to its limits, and at times breaking point. The support from the Brutal team, medics, marshals and supporters was first class.
The comeradory between competitors was outstanding and the best I have ever experienced at any race.

James Page "Double Brutal Ironman"