The Brutal Quin 2020

If you thought the Brutal Double and Triple were tough...

Event information:
This can and probably will change in the months leading up to the event. You will receive a comprehensive guide 2 weeks before the event.

Event date:
September 10th 2020 (starts 2 days before the main triathlon)

Event entrants:

Facebook Group:
Please search for ‘Brutal Quin 2020’ in groups and request an invite

Wednesday 9th: Registration - 1800 - 2000
Thursday 10th: Transition open for kit - 0500 - but leave your bikes with your crew until AFTER the swim, as we will have no security during Thursday
Thursday 10th: Swim start - 0600
Thursday 10th: Swim cut off - 1800
Sunday 13th: bike cut off - 0900
Sunday 13th: Snowdon summit cut off - 1200 (midday)
Monday 14th: Halfway (12 laps) Lake Lap cut off - 2130
Wednesday 16th: Overall cut off - 0600
Total time: 144 hours

Swim section: 12 miles - 20 laps in Llyn Padarn
• Brutal Events will provide the safety kayakers
• There will be a gazebo by the lake entry / exit for nutrition and an area to warm up in / take breaks
• You must NOT leave the swim area without telling the Brutal Event staff

Bike section: 20 laps of the standard Brutal Triathlon bike course - 560 miles*

• Your crew must have a vehicle and track where you are on the bike course. Your support crew must NOT follow directly behind, but instead wait for you safely in lay-bys or car parks. The phone signal is very poor on 90% of the course, so your crew need to be in control of your location

• Hi-viz vest to be worn on the bike AT ALL TIMES - Failure to abide by this and you will be withdrawn from the race

• Your crew can ride behind you for some of the laps as support, but not all. Pacers are not allowed for this event

• Enforced sleep breaks - you must take a 3 hour sleep break, starting anytime between midnight - 2AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The rest of the days, you can take breaks when you chose. The enforced breaks are for your safety because you (and your crew) are on open roads

• You must rack your bike during the enforced sleep break and be signed in and out, so we can ensure every athlete (and crew if needed) takes the 3 hours break on those nights. Once the bike is racked you can sleep in your support vehicle but the bike must remain racked for the 3 hours.

• You can sleep in your support vehicle at any other time without racking your bike, if sleep is required, BUT this does NOT include the enforced sleep break (see procedure above)

• If you are late for the enforced sleep breaks, you will receive an hours time penalty. If you are late on a second occasion or miss one completely, you will be withdrawn from the race

• Your crew can carry your spare bike / parts and they can also take food / drink out to you on the lap

• You must be off the bike and ready to start the mountain section by 0900 on Sunday 13th

• Bike lights to be used from dusk to dawn, but we advise that due to changes in weather and for greater visibility light should be used at all times

Snowdon: 9 miles*, up and back
• The mountain section follows directly after the bike
• You only complete the mountain section once
• You must be off the mountain summit by 1200 Sunday 13th
• You and your crew must both have the mandatory kit (see Brutal Triathlon page for this - linked)

Lake Lap Run: 5 miles* around the Llyn Padarn - 24 laps
• Your crew can run some of the laps as support, but not all. Pacers are not allowed for this event
• Lake Lap Aid Station - due to the limits Brutal Staff, the lake lap aid station will close on Sunday night. Please ensure your crew is prepared for this change (they can drive close to the halfway point on the lake lap if required)

2 members of crew is ideal for this event, but both crew members do not need to be at the event at the same time. Brutal Events understands that getting 2 members of crew might be challenging, so if you can only get one person, they must take the enforced sleep break with you during Thursday / Friday / Saturday. Please email if this is unclear.

HQ area:
We are still arranging with the council which area we will run the first 2 days of the event from. It is possible we will start in a different area than the main triathlon field is normally. This will mean at some point the event HQ will shift. The 2 areas are very close and Brutal staff will deal the move. It will not effect your race.

How to enter:
Please email to pay the non-refundable deposit of £100. The total entry fee is £800. The second payment of £300 needs to be paid by 1st Feb and the third payment of £400 by 1st June 2020.

We will provide very basic sleeping areas in the main marquee. There is NO camping or parking on the event field. Please do NOT camp out in local car parks You can book camping and hotels etc from AirBnB and here...

You maybe withdrawn from the race if you do not follow rules or from a safety / medical point of view. If this happens, the race director's or medic's decisions are final. The routes and distances can also be changed at the discretion of the race directors due to severe weather or for safety reasons.

Refund policy:
The refunds do NOT include the non-refundable deposit of £100
• If you cancel before 31st May - 50% of £300
• If you cancel before 30th June - 75% of £700
• If you cancel before 17th July - 50% of £700
• If you cancel before 31st July - 25% of £700
• After 31st July - No refund possible, this is due to the event already being resourced

Deferrals will not be possible in this event.

*Distances are approximate and lap numbers may change nearer to the event. Anyone who complains will be made to go up Snowdon twice.