What they said about...The Brutal



I just wanted to say thanks again to you and the team for running such a great event.

I was there in year one 'Triathlon 220 guy' with the objective of getting round. Had to skip last year due to a minor stroke / heart operation thing, but was back this year with the aim of beating 9 hours, my time of 8:48 catapulted me to 'mid-table respectability at least in my mind. So I am coming back next year to do the full only this time I might actually do some swimming and running preparation.

There are a group of 6 of us for whom The Brutal is turning into a bit of an institution. The competitors love the challenge and the supports love the vibe.

So thanks again for having the balls to set up the event and creating a very special and precious weekend which is bursting with great memories.

Oh and a triple?



Hi Claire
Firstly many thanks for running a first class event. A gruesome course a huge sense of achievement to finish, but I am not yet ready to say I enjoyed it. My immense respect to you and all the double iron athletes, I cannot imagine the mental strength you need to start, let alone finish a race course like yours over such a distance.
Kind regards, and again many thanks for organising your brutal challenge.
Kev Walkington


Hi Claire,
Thanks for a fantastic Brutal weekend!
Ben Norman


To Claire and ALL of the team,
A huge thanks for another great weekend in Llanberis. What a brilliant event The Brutal is. Having done the half last year, I managed to get a crew together and go for the full (my first iron distance event ever) this year and I am so glad that I did. Standing on the top of Snowdon at 1.00am is something I will remember for a long time to come. To think that unless someone was stood atop one of the Scottish Mountains at 1.00am (unlikely!!!!) that we were the highest people in the UK was a surreal and proud experience.

All of your events have such a friendly vibe to them - It really is great. Thanks to the two lads on the nutrition stop on the bike. They cheered me up on every lap. Please pass on my BIG thanks to the guy at the nutrition stop half way round the lake lap. His words of encouragement REALLY helped get me through each lap and I looked forward to seeing him each time for a quick chat and a few more motivational comments.

Thanks to all of you.
Matthew Halliwell

And before anyone asks, I am NOT doing the double next year (or am I??)


Thanks for an brilliant event! The setting, course and organisation were all amazing!
Richard Jones


Awesome awesome awesome, and thank you so very much :) (Brutal Half tri - 20Sept14)
As usual, it was the best event all year, and thank you to the whole team who made it possible.
I loved it - Lisa Beck


Dear Claire
Thanks for a wonderful event. I loved it and was really impressed with the course.
I hope you can make this into the big event it deserves to be and would be happy to give some opinion if you'd like. all the very best


Hi Claire,
I'd just like to say a massive thanks from my support team and myself to everyone involved for the event yesterday. I took part and completed the full ironman. We were extremely impressed with all the organisation and atmosphere surrounding the event. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in llanberis and look forward to returning! All the best
Ian, Sean & Ed


Just wanted to say thanks to Claire, the Brutal Team, marshals, volunteers and fellow competitors for a fantastic race this weekend. Can't stop raving about the event.
My race report is up on RW if you fancy a butchers... http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/triathlon/brutal/280791.html
Dane Stanley

The Brutal is probably the best event (of tri's, trail races, coastal races, cycling sportives) that I have done yet.
Thanks again. David.


Hi Claire,
A week after the brutal triathlons weekend I have finally found time to sit down and look through the website and facebook pages to see photos and read feedback. I was one of those who "only" completed the half but I'd like to add my voice to the others in saying a huge THANK YOU to yourself, Rich and all the brutal events team and volunteers. What a great event with such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I absolutely loved it and will undoubtedly be back.

Good luck with your other events and I have no doubt that I will find my way onto some of those too.

I hope you get to enjoy a well earned rest this weekend!

All the best,
Matt Wise (80th out of 82 finishers in the half!!)

Hi Claire,
Thanks loads for the brutal event last weekend. We had a fantastic time and am so pleased with how the event turned out. I had to push through a few hard spells, particularly on the run but my strategy of going nice and steady on the bike and with very short stops worked out well. The support at the aid stations and by locals was absolutely brill and gave me a huge boost. Many thanks again and good luck with all your training for the brutal deca.
Cheers, Adam

Hi there,
Many thanks again for putting on such a great event last weekend. I've finally got round to writing something up, here is the link http://planetbyde.com/2014/09/25/the-brutal-half
Thanks, Rosemary


Hi Claire, Although we called in at the finish and saw you just before we headed back to London on Sunday evening, I still wanted to email to say what a fantastic weekend it was and to thank you and your team for all your efforts to make this event happen.
I know the area well but I’m still amazed at the scenery every time and it was so spectacular and such fun to be involved that I’ve already forgotten all the fear (on the first and last laps of the swim) and fatigue (for the rest of the day)…
I really hope you’ll be doing the same next year – I’m already raving about it to clubmates etc…

Very best wishes,
Simon Neville



Just a quick note of thanks for the weekend; I can't keep the smile off my face. I tried to thank all the volunteers I met and I can't thank them enough.

To say the event is memorable would be an understatement, but It's not only the course; The humorous briefing, the relaxed family orientated environment and the epic scenery plus many other things.

To be honest I'm not sure what to do next and I will need it all to sink in for a while. 8 weeks ago I finished Ironman Switzerland and felt numb, I now feel alive :)

Sadly it is back to work soon but i will be smiling all winter.

Thanks again,



Anthony Gerundini @AGerundini_TC
Wow! Claire, the Medics team, ZigZag TV, all the marshalls and crews, thank you for making dreams come true this weekend. There's not many Double IMs in the world,so lets get this straight: @Brutaleventsuk Extreme Double is the Hardest in the world 8-) Be proud!




As I sit here at home with an ice packs on my swollen ankles, I have a massive smile on my face.  I had an amazing time over the weekend, as did my support team.  

The event was certainly something to test the mind and body to its limits, and at times breaking point. The support for The Brutal team, medics, marshals and supporters was first class.  The comeradory between competitors was outstanding and the best I have ever experienced at any race.

I had my darkest moment on lap three of the bike on the back end of the course in the horrible wind, cold and mist after vomiting.  Another competitor "Jim" also doing the Double rode along side me to check I was Ok, after telling him that I was about to chuck the towel in, he stopped and gave me some magnesium sulphate tablets to help me.  It was a real boast and mentally he saved me.  I was gutted to find later that he had to stop at 20 miles into the run due to injury.  I would really like to get in touch with him as I would have not finished without his kindness.

Again thank you so much for a fantastic event/life experience which my support crew and me will never forget.  We are even all thinking of ways of coming back next year just to support as it looked so much fun.

Many Thanks
James Page
"Double Brutal Ironman"



@Brutaleventsuk thnx Claire, that was by far the best and most challenging event I have done including IM UK and Nice! I have worse DOMS than any other event which says something and we will be back next year with the Zoomers if they are brave enough! - MikeMcCarthy



Hi Claire 

I passed on my thanks to many people during the day but would be very grateful if you could again.

I hope you feel really very proud of yourself after this weekend too. It is an awesome thing to accomplish to stage an event of such massive magnitude in one of the most beautiful places in the world and pack the finest of human spirit and attitude into their for the weekend.

Everything about the day was so special and I feel so happy and proud to share the experiences with such a special group of people. With respect to the event itself the organisation and management was so professional and caring, you've obviously put a lot of care, thought and commitment into every aspect but still managed to keep a friendly ultra relaxed atmosphere. Amazing. 

If any future potential entrants would like to talk to me or ask any questions then please feel free to pass on my contact details, I would feel honoured to introduce someone else to the community. (martin hamer <martinhamer402@hotmail.com>)

Simply amazing




Last year The Brutal was the first Triathlon I participated in and it was one of the best days of my life as I struggled around in over 10 hours. This year I trained for 9 months, and was in the shape of my life before I had a minor stroke two weeks ago and had to pull out on doctors’ orders.

But nevertheless we made the trip to support our three mates who competed and had nearly as much fun cheering on the competitors as competing (although I missed the challenge of the mountain). It was great to greet friends on the finish line who were welling up with emotion and to remember what that felt like.

Once again you guys have organised a great event, none of us could think of anything that could be improved. I suspect that we’ll all be back next year and WILL run all the way to the top.

Below is a link to a bunch of photos that I took, feel free to re-publish any that are of interest.


Good luck with future events



Hi Claire

This is Bartek. Just wanted to say thank you very much for a fantastic day in Llanberis. I had a really good time and I enjoyed racing in Snowdonia. I will remember climbing Snowdon for a long time. But I do not think it will stop me from coming back next year.

I will encourage as many of my friends as possible to come next year because I think this is the most spectacular views wise race in the UK.

Regards and thanks to the whole organising team
Bartek Holda



To Claire and the team,

Just a quick note to thank you all for a great weekend. Brilliant organisation, brilliant course, brilliant signage (best of any event I have done), brilliant event. I 'only' did the half, but what a half it was. Best race I have done. The looks of the regular hikers as compression clad runners shot past them up and down Snowdon was hilarious. They respected what we were doing though. One family offered me a family size bar of chocolate and one gave me a full bottle of Lucuzade sport at the summit. They couldn't believe it when I told them what we were all up to.

To the chap that did the briefing - Thanks for keeping it lighthearted but informative as the nerves were growing. He helped put my mind at rest, Thanks also to the marshall at the end who almost ran after me to give me my medal as I just carried on walking in disbelief that I had finished. Thanks to EVERYONE involved.

Seeing the double people running the laps this afternoon as I boarded the lake railway with my family almost brought a tear to me eye. Just astonishing.

Please do it again next year. I am already trying to get my support together to go for the full.
Respect to you all for thinking up the event.

Hope to see you soon.
Matthew Halliwell


Hi Claire

Just a quick email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for organising such a brilliant race!!! Today is my first day back at work after the Half Brutal. Wish I could go back and do it again tomorrow. Or maybe the day after (my quads are still a bit sore from that Snowdon climb).

I look forward to seeing you again at other brilliant events... :-)

I'm still buzzing with excitement after the weekend - so proud of Dave for finishing in the top 5 and pretty pleased with my result as well!

Best wishes



Hello Claire, 

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a brilliantly organised event last weekend. Every practical element was so well thought out, it allowed us to really enjoy ourselves. There was such a supportive atmosphere from everyone involved, the marshalls were especially enthusiastic, it provided a much needed lift whenever things were getting a bit tough. 

I know it is billed as a race, but all the competitors were selfless in their constant encouragement of each other. I have never had such a heart warming experience when I've had a puncture before! everyone who overtook me slowed to offer help, and a local cyclist stopped in the middle of his ride to help pump the tyre up. 

The (not inconsiderable) efforts of you and your team have been greatly appreciated.

I hope to see you all again for the Double next year!
Best wishes,



To Claire and the team,

Thanks for the best half ironman I have done - great event - really challenging, really beautiful, really well run and really friendly.

I would actually do it again - even that steep mile in the middle of Snowdon!

And thanks so so much to no 132 for the loan of his goggles and to Claire for her support and finding them for me - only at such a small friendly tri would the organiser find a spare pair of goggles for the idiot who forgot hers! No 132 i am eternally grateful and hope they got back to you ok


A little message to say a huge thank you to the whole team for an absolutely incredible experience! Without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever ever done ... it hurt.... it really hurt, but I absolutely loved it!

Awesome team, amazing organisation, fantastic support crew, incredible people sharing 'the journey'! THANK YOU! :o)
Claire Wheeler



Just a short note to congratulate on today's event. Organisation, location, weather, everything was great!!!

I said it to a few of the crew that I think you should think about another setting because every other year won't live up to 2012.
Having said that you'll have some great pictures for advertising next years event!!!

Don't forget to remind everyone when the 220 award voting is happening. I'm sure you will be there on top or in the last 3 at least. Gary James - No. 75

Claire and Team, I just wanted to send you an email to say a huge thanks for putting on such an amazing event.

Having completed a number of iron distance events The Brutal captured my imagination having spent many years climbing and walking in Snowdonia & the event delivered on every level for me

The setting was perfect, the swim cold enough to really challenge, the bike course seriously hilly enough to hurt and the run, well, ridiculous.

My target was to get round in one piece and hopefully before midnight (closing time at the bar we had found!) and so hitting the summit of Snowdon at 10pm was ideal albeit that trying to run down hill in normal running shoes proved impossible. So I think 16 hours 40 minutes for me.

A genuinely remarkable day, so a massive thank-you. Im sure the event will go from strength to strength.

All the very best, Andy


Dear Claire,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the race yesterday - it was really well organised, all the helpers were friendly and professional, and we couldn't have wished for a better race on a better day.

It was the icing on the cake to come in 3rd place!

Best wishes, Chris


Hi Claire

Just got back from Snowdonia. Just wanted to say thanks to you and all the various crew for a fabulous race (didn't do so properly when you gave me the medal on the finish line).

The bike went on a bit long for me (god knows how the double guys have coped!) - I've done Ironman races before but not ones that took 8 hours of cycling!

That said, the views on the course were fantastic yesterday, we were so lucky with the weather.

The run was a great idea and suited me fine (fell-running background). Racing down Snowdon in the dark was great fun, except for that final bit of tarmac, which was too steep to run properly by that stage!

I think you wanted some feedback. I've done a few mountain tri events before (Ben Nevis, Helvellyn, Coniston) but I have to say yours was one of the best organised (bit more expensive though to be fair). Good points were - heated changing tent - great idea and helped a lot; well-marked route; good pre-race instructions, info and briefing.

The homemade banana cake at the aid stations was nice! Only a couple of small things I think you should change to improve it: bigger kit bags (use plastic ones to offset cost?); ready mixed iso drinks on bike, either bottle exchange system, or if not that, at least have the powder already pre-mixed and fill up rider's own bottles quicker.

Thanks again.



Another email that hopefully brings a smile for you.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I loved it, probably my best ironman race yet. The toughest by a long way, far exceeding my expectations. Will I be back, I certainly hope so.

Your marshals were great, especially the guy stationed at the bike pen and the two guys stationed out on the run course around the lake. They were great. I hope you'll be putting up a list of results, that competitive bug in us has to be consoled.

Best regards, Darren

Hello, Thanks v much for a fantastic event at the weekend.

I thought it was excellent, v well organised.

Kind regards, Jo Quelch


Thanks again, really special day for me for a variety of reasons...

Great race with friendly people, amazing routes and scenary and getting me back to long races after 2 years of injury


Thank you for Saturday. I kind of enjoyed it!

Good, friendly crew made a difference, and the weather - how did you arrange that? Must have been some special Faustian pact!

Thanks again, David



Thank you very much indeed for the picture (I look a litle worn out!!) and for organising a brilliant event. It really was very very well run, and everyone was so helpful and supportive. The weather was great, but everyone was great, which made it all the easier to get round. Sorry for all my million emails beforehand - the swim wasnt too bad in the end, as you said!!

And another question - the last one - we loved the hoodies you were wearing - can they be bought? Obv not the exact ones, I mean are there any to buy? They are awesome....

The full next year - perhaps - I can see with some serious traiing for it, it may be possible, but we will see.....

Many many thanks again, Ben


Hi Claire,

I just wanted to thank you for a great inaugural event this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself; please pass on my congratulations to all involved.

I hope to see you next year when I will be undertaking the full course (and maybe the double!).

See you next year. Geoff


Hi Claire,

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you for the weekend as I had a great time. The whole thing was incredibly friendly and well run despite the logistical nightmare it must have been to organise! Could you please also pass on my thanks to all the medics and marshalls as I thought they were brilliant.

I certainly hope to be back next year!

Thanks very much, Alastair Robertson


Hi Claire

thanks for the race on Saturday it was really great, yes i said great! apart from being the toughest thing I have ever done I did enjoy it. I hurt today but once recovered may even think about next year!

Thanks to you and your crew the support and stuff was great. Just eaten the flapjack lovely.....

Finally if you can email the photo of me in the lake at the start of the race that would be much appreciated, you know the idiot who was in first with the thumbs up!!

Anyway going off to lie down for a bit before i start to clear the kit up.

Once again many thanks, Timothy Hollingsworth


Thank you for organising an amazing event, weather included!

Unfortunately I came off my bike on the second lap and ended up spending the afternoon in Bangor A&E.

I am very much looking forward to coming back next year to finish the job!

Rob Eustace

My first half iron and yes it was tough!

Very well organised event - well done.

You have set up a classic.

Regards, Richard Evans (number 89)
- almost lost control of my central nervous system in the last half mile - ace.


Hi Claire,

Just want to say thanks so much for the opportunity to run on the weekend, what an amazing event!

Credit to all your marshals and medics who were outstanding and always up for a laugh through the whole event, really helped me get to the finish. You all must be exhausted!

Unfortunately I'm back in work now and doing the best John Wayne impression ever!

Hope to see you next year, will be recommending the Brutal to everyone.

Cheers, Giles


Hello Claire,

Hope all is well and you're not too tired.

I just wanted to thank you and your marshals for a truly great event.

Myself and my support crew thought it was well organise and everyone was very friendly

I dont really have any negative feedback as we all knew it would be a hard course.

So overall the whole thing was a great success and I hope you continue pushing that event.

Speak soon, Paul

Hi Claire,

I've been meaning to write, but I've got so much to say and not enough time to write it down! So, here's the important stuff

Top marks for the race, everything about it was fantastic; the organisation, the medical staff (outstanding - the best on any event I've been to so far - I felt like they were my own personal support crew. Brian was awesome, good decision on running Snowdon early), the setting, the course, the concept (and luckily, the weather)....!

The atmosphere was just right, too - serious enough that I felt everything was under control, but with a sense of humour so that it was still fun. By far the hardest race I've ever done, but as I said to you at the finish, the best.If I could pick any race in my life to win, it would be this one.

Thanks for everything, Matt


Fantastic event on Saturday :-)

I started the half but a combination of factors led me to pull out at the end of the bike ride (I then went up and down Snowdon in my own time) as I was an hour "late." Never mind - I've learned a lot and will be back next year! Loved the fact that we could use our own support - well done. Loved the relaxed atmosphere. Transition tent was good (and warm). The support around the course from locals or tourists was amazing - you must have done a grand publicity job.

Loved the fact there was a double going on at the same time, I enjoyed talking to support crews and learning about what the doublers do and watching them cycle at night.

Thanks again for a fantastic event.

Victoria #71


Claire -

Congratulations on a phenomenal event last weekend, we were all blown away. Here are a couple of pics.

Best, Kit


Hi Claire,

I took part in The Brutal this year. I would like to thank you very much for making a 'lucky day in hell' ( which I honestly had) possible for me.

Beside the stunning scenery I enjoyed most the fantastic athmosphere from both atheletes as well as from you, the organisers and the volunteers. I hoped to talk to you after the race to give you my feedback personally, but you were around being busy for us, the athletes. I got the impression you did the harder job ;-)).

I talked to your mum ( I guess ) and told her that I would like to donate a few quids for the volunteer's party after the race. In my club we do a 'after-race-party' for the volunteers. She didn't kow whether you will do one and won't receive any money from me to hand it over to you. So, if you will do a party for the guys who made the race possible for us and who made this race one of the best racesever for me just let me know. For me it would be a matter of heart to say 'thank you' to you guys by donating a few pints.

Again, thank you, let the others organisers and the volunteers please know that they did a fantastic job by supporting us.

Between Munich and Llanberies there is a diatance of about 930 Miles, and it was worth every single inch we drove. Maybe we see us again at the startline of one of your other races, CU, happy TOM


Was recently descending Snowdon amongst obvious competitors of an event!!!

Never before have I wanted to do an ironman distance event!!!

Yours is for me!!

Will this be an annual event, if so, please keep me on your list as I'm sold!!!!!!


Mark Sigley @Siggers69

@Brutaleventsuk am keeping hold of my map, not as a trophy but I think I might need it next year, for the full!!

Rice @MonkeyMoomin77

@Brutaleventsuk Shoulders are aching, thighs are killing and toenails are black, what an event, loved every minute of it, BRUTAL!


Anthony Gerundini @AGerundini_TC @Brutaleventsuk Fantastic first running of this event. And green-shirt 5 time high finisher chopsy says its right up there with NorseMan!


Mark Dodgson @doddi76 @Brutaleventsuk thanks again for a great weekend! I found out behind that lovely smile is an evil mind :-) see u next year!


Ben Withinshaw @bwithinshaw @Brutaleventsuk amazing event - thank you very much Claire


RAW Adventures @Brutaleventsuk Outstanding event concept made real.


@martin_phow @Brutaleventsuk thank you Claire and team for superb weekend.todays weather would have made it interesting!Great race, likely to be back!


Andrew Thomas @bigtomo384 Just got home from the @Brutaleventsuk triathlon, very sore, hungover but happy!

@davmort @brutaleventsuk it was hard mate, very hard! It's definitely not a race for the faint hearted! You'd love it! #brutal


David Chapman ?@mrchopsaloty @Brutaleventsuk Brrr-iliant race! On par with @nxtri for cold swim, leg sapping climbs, scary descents, amazing scenary & great crew. Thanks


Ian Robertson @ian_giraffe @Brutaleventsuk thanks for a great event. Toughest and best half yet for me. under that smile claire is a really mean person. ;-)


Grahame Mckenzie @gjm21 @Brutaleventsuk Thanks for an awesome event yesterday. That was definitely the best event I'll never be doing again! Well, maybe...

What they said about...The ONER

'The Oner' is the ultra-trail-marathon that sets the standard for all others in the UK. The organisation, crew and logistics are incomparably superb, the coastal route is stunning, but there's just the small niggling matter of the 78 miles and ten thousand foot of ascent through the day and night that have to be completed within 24 hours. My first attempt took me to 52 miles this year, so I have unfinished business - but I'll be coming back until I finish it.

Nick Hanlon-Brooks


Extremely pleased with my result - finishing - even more pleased with position!! It was seriously tough, the weather through the night made things particularly slippery and sticky and in turn un-runnable towards the end after St Aldhelm's Head. I hadn't run any of the course apart from the Lulworth to Studland section, I wanted to save it for the adventure, but knowing some of it certainly had it's advantages.

I ran with a great bunch of people through the day/night/morning and we only got through it by helping one-another; there is no other sport I know of where you get the level of camaraderie that we have in the ultra / trail-running community.

I'm not feeling too bad, I thought my legs would be sorer but they're OK, even on day 2 - the official DOMS day!

Thank you and the team so much for putting on such an amazing event and giving us the opportunity to push ourselves to the limit of what we can both physically and mentally achieve. Until next time.....

Jon Regler
ps. you all need a rest and recovery now!


Hi Claire,

Many thanks for the pictures! And thanks too for putting on a great event in "testing conditions" shall we say! I hope you'll still be organising it next year!! I have 3 friends who are interested in signing-up already!!

Hope you're feeling a bit more human again now? I'm ok, walking ok and no blisters but I only did 3/4 of the Oner!


Thanks for an outstanding race. I would be grateful for my t-shirt and will wear it with pride!

Thanks so much Claire, Erica Terblanche

Claire, I can't thank you enough for an amazing event. I still can't believe how you and the crew remained so upbeat during the race, it was a real lift.

I am a little unsure if the double brutal is possible, considering you can count on one hand the amount of times I have been on a road bike, but I am thinking about it.....

Many thanks. Mark Miller

Hi Claire,

Thanks for that. I had a great time and got so much support on the way around. The reaction from some of the coastal path walkers was excellent. I even got stopped and asked to pose for photos at one stage. The ladies concerned then went home and donated to my cause :-)

One thing I am going to do next year is complete the Oner, so thank you for your offer and please do put my name down.

I will be writing it all up for my blog in the next day or so and will be mentioning the great support and organisation as well as all of the other good things about it.

Kind regards, Richard Lander Stow

Hi Claire, I hope you're well and close to enjoying some rest after putting on a great race! I was racer number 70 and I scratched at 95 km. Thank you for your help and for a great race! :)


Hi Claire, Thanks for your message. I was very impressed by the very nice organisation at the weekend. Amongst many things that impressed me I was very grateful of the company of the sweeper on the way to Lulworth Cove.

I was very pleased to be part of this event even though the outcome wasn't what I had hoped. That said I did give it everything I had so I am pleased in this respect. Yes after the usual initial "never again" feeling I always have, I would like for sure to fix the problems I had and try to get to the finish next year.

I hope you too are recovering well and are catching up on some well deserved sleep... Best regards Keith


Facebook Comments

Pete wrote: "I thought the organisation of the whole event was top-notch guys. Good work"

Pete Scott


Rob wrote: "Aaaaah shaddup Pete. If it was that well organised we'd all have finished lol. Seriously though, many thanks to Brutal and especially the ground crew out in the vans supplying food drink and verbal to us sorry lot. Also, thanks to The Ferry bridge for letting us muddy the basement floor after the Brutal kite event.

Also thanks to my fellow runners for plodding with me til I decided to jack in at Osmington, I'm sorry to hear you didn't make it either ( you needed someone who knew the course I reckon lol ) I even turned up at the finish with cold beer, not realising you'd all gone home already. Shins starting to blow up, but colouring is going down, giants head in June, hope to see some of you there. I'd run with any of you, any day." Rob Love


"Congratulations to everyone who took part, not just the finishers, hardest race I've ever done. Also big thank you to all organisers, volunteers, excellent event." Gavin Spillett


"It was so well organised and all the crew were fantastic. Body has gone into shut down mode, so maybe once was enough. Would recommend to anyone."

Taff Davies


I had to pull out at 52 miles this year, but have nothing praise for everyone involved in the organisation and running of the event. Everyone bent over backwards to be helpful, the level of support at every checkpoint and across the whole course was incredible, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Congratulations to everyone who completed the event - this must rank as one of the more challenging ultra trail events in the UK. Thank you for nearly breaking me, but making me very proud of what I did manage to achieve!!

Nick Hanlon-Brooks


Big thanks to all at Brutal and all who supported the event....the weather made this already tough event truly brutal....thanks to the group of 4 who each helped each other through the night with all the rain, wind and mud, you were awesome!! I am so proud to have finished this event on my first attempt, particularly with a top 10 finish!! I hope to be back again but for now I need to make my legs, body and mind feel human again

Ian Pooley


Hi Clare and Rich,

This is a belated thanks to you and all the team who made the Oner run so smoothly in spite of all the set backs, disappearing marquees, lost runners etc. Everybody was so encouraging and supportive. Maybe see you all again at a future event ! All the best Mel :-)