Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon

August 19th 2018 - Devon to Dorset

Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon is a point-to-point, iron distance event that starts in Budleigh Salterton and ends in Lulworth Cove.

With over 8600ft of climb on the bike and 3675ft along the coast path run section, this is not an event for the faint hearted.

"This is without doubt the 'Hardest Iron Distance Event in the UK, and that's official... coz I say so!"

- Anthony 'TC' Gerundini - 2013/4 winner

The event HQ and campsite is based in Charmouth and you will be transferred from here to the start point in Budleigh Salterton for the 2.4 mile sea swim. The epic 112 mile bike course goes all the way to Swanage in Dorset. And finally, the 26 mile run route follows the Dorset Coast Path (last section of the ONER) to Lulworth Cove.

Entry options available
Jurassicman Solo - 2.4m sea swim, 112m road bike and finish with a coastal path marathon.

Jurassicman Relay - 2.4m sea swim, 112m road bike and finish with a coastal path marathon in a team of 3.

Entries open!

Race Information

This may change closer to the event date.

The Courses

>Sea Swim
>Bike Route (TBC)
>Run Route

Info Pack

This will be available soon.

Event Schedule

Saturday 18th August 2018
16:00 - 20:00 Registration & campsite open (Cummings Farm in Charmouth - DT6 6BX) You will need to rack your bike, (unless you are taking it yourself to the swim start) and drop off your T2 (run) bag and your FP (finish) bag with some warm clothes etc for the end of your race (you will be given tags to label your bike / bags).

Sunday 19th August 2018
04:00 Buses leave for swim start in Budleigh Salterton (approx 1 hr transfer)
05:00 Collect your timing chip and tracker from T1
05:40 Mandatory race and safety briefing (on seafront, be ready to start your race afterwards)
06:00 Event starts

Where is HQ / registration?
HQ and Registration is at Cummings Farm in Charmouth - DT6 6BX - camping is included in your event fee

What time/day does the race start?
The race starts at 06:00 Sunday 19th August 2018

Where does the race start?
Lime Kiln Car park at Budleigh Salterton (EX9 6JD) Buses leave from the campsite swim start at aprox 0400

Where does the bike end / run start?
Whitecliff Farm, Swanage (BH19 1RL) Your run kit will be waiting here for you and your bike will be transported back to the campsite in Charmouth and held securely until you have returned after your race. (you must pick up your bike from the campsite when you have finished your race, no matter how late).

Where does the race end?
Lulworth car park (BH20 5RQ) You will be transferred back to the campsite after you have finished.

Where are the aid stations?
There will be 3 bike aid stations, the locations will be confirmed in 2018. Run aid stations are approx mile 6, 13.5 and 19.5

What will be available at the aid stations / Finish point?
Yes, there will be Science Fitness - GlycoSource, Jack Bars, cake, sausage rolls, sandwiches, bananas and jellybabies etc etc available. There will be soup and bread and the finish point.

Is there camping / carparking available?
You can camp / park on the event field (DT6 6BX). This is included in your entry.

What happens if I pull out halfway?
Should you be unable to continue with your race at any point, there will be a meat wagon sweeping the bike course. If you cannot finish the run, you need to make your way to the closest CP and you will be taken back to the campsite.

What are the rules?
No drafting. You must wear a cycle helmet. No MP3 players or similar on the bike course. No littering.

Race cut offs
Swim - 2 hours after start of race
Exit transition from bike to run - 12 hours after start of race
Overall cut off - Midnight - 20 hours after start of race

Kit List

• Water proofed mobile phone
• Puncture repair kit
• x2 bottles of liquid
• Nutrition
• Issued maps
• Issued tracker

• Whistle
• Compass
• Waterproof/windproof coat
• Nutrition
• Water proofed mobile phone
• Issued map
• Glow Stick
• Survival foil blanket
• Head torch
• More than 200ml of liquid
• Blister kit
• Issued tracker

Entry fees

Jurassicman solo - £280
Jurassicman relay - £420

Entries open!

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