The ONER Ultra Trail Run

Tips for taking on one of the UK's hardest Ultra Runs

Best advice is what @Ironjedibra said during the briefing:
- Keep running
- Don't run into the sea
- Don't be s**t'

Oh, and don't DNF (did that twice, apparently that doesn't get you a medal.. have to come back for one next year...)
Koen van Meeuwen

Don’t think getting just inside the CP cut offs will get you home in time, it’s BRUTAL at night and you need to be well ahead as the night will tear your resilience and soul apart and the second half climbs will try and destroy you. Apart from that it’s fun :-)
Jonathan Inglesfield

Start with a 0.5 ONER and enjoy the hills, mud, pebble beaches and nighttime navigation with your mates!
Theo Onderwater

‏ Get time in the bag early on, think about it in stages not as a whole, walk the first hill and all others, eat eat and drink, buddy up, have moral outside support, have a full change of gear at HQ, don't run into the sea and don't give up.
Martin Hollamby

Recci as much as possible and keep going - it's worth every bit of pain...
GF Electrical

I’ve DNFd twice now ,so no great expert but I would say get as much time in the bag in term of check point cut offs in the the first half , you’ll need it later when the terrain and navigation get a lot harder
Liam Williams

Shayne Hassall

Respect the course!
David Miller

Don't start too fast, the first 5 miles are killer elevation, and then it's the pebble section - take it easy. Have your own target times for the checkpoints, it will keep you slow. Much more fun reeling people in than dropping back. Or dropping out. Oh, and Cornish pasties, Double Deckers, and a cup of magic nuts.
Mike Luke

Smile, enjoy and say thanks to the staff staying up all night looking after you
Peter Mitchell

Pack an extra head torch. The other guy who came in first this year would have been in serious difficulties as his head torch played up when he changed the batteries and it plain refused to work (batteries were fine and headtorch had been working fine!). He had decided at last mo to take his spare head torch out of his rucksack to save weight.

So take a backup hand torch and two sets of spare batteries each! Luckily we'd paired up and he used my spare torch so disaster averted! And Try some DryMax socks if it's going to be quite muddy again
Anthony Gerundini

Double cheese burgers for Engery and power for the night section and sheds loads of training miles
Matthew Bacon

Pork pies, Mars Bars, bagels and a Doom Bar at the finish. No need to overcomplicate things!
Van Bryant

Try to recce from Ferrybridge to the Finish as these are the night or solo sections where you can take a wrong turn and lose time.
Olly Houlton

I can't give any advice on finishing the event I'm afraid, but I do know the course quite well
David Streeter

Determination won't guarantee you'll make it to the finish line. And neither will a wet shoe full of grit.
John Slater. 54 miles and out.

Recce the route......All of it.
And don’t listen to the crew, you won’t die after CP2 because you ain’t eaten the nuts
Rab McAvoy

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