The PIG Ultra Duathlon

This race was cancelled due to high winds.

The alternative event will be the PIG 'BRUTAL STYLE' >>Click here for more info...

The PIG is the UK's toughest Ultra Duathlon with a mountain run, road bike and trail run.

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Fantastic event! Well organised, amazing scenery and definitely Brutal!!

- Nick Myatt - 2014

This original, exciting event is set in breathtaking surroundings at the foot of Cadair Idris in Wales. There are plenty of hills on all the courses to get your teeth into and amazing scenery to take your mind off the pain.

Read Andy 'Daysey' Day 2016 Pig Ultra Duathlon race report here...

Entry options available
The PIG - 6m mountain run, 105m road bike and finish with a 20m trail run.

The Little PIG - 6m mountain run, 55m road bike and finish with a 10m trail run.

Team option also available.

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Race Information

The Courses



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Info Pack

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What time is registration?
Registration is open from 14:00 till 20:00 on Saturday and from 05:00 on Sunday.

What time is race briefing on Sunday?
The mandatory briefing is 06:45 (be ready to start your race after this)

Where is registration/briefing?
Registration is held in the marquee on the event field (LL40 1TL) and briefing is on the startline.

Do I rack my bike on Saturday / Sunday?
Your choice, there will be overnight security if you decide to leave your bike in transition on Friday, but if you can't be parted, then you can rack on Sunday morning

What time is transition open on race day?
From 05:00

What time/day does the race start?
The race starts at 07:00 Sunday 11th June 2017

Will there be food / drinks on site?
Yes, there will be Science Fitness - GlycoSource, cake, sausage rolls, sandwiches, bananas and jellybabies available.

What will be available at the aid stations?
Science Fitness - GlycoSource, bananas, biscuits, jellybabies, water, coke and more CAKE!

Where are the aid stations?
There will be aid stations at HQ / transition, approximately 28 / 55 miles on the bike course and 4 miles / 7 miles on the trail run.

Is there carparking available?
You can park on the event field.

Where can I stay
You can camp on the event field (£5 per night) or there are plenty of B&Bs, hotels and bunkhouses available near race HQ

Are there showers in transition?
No, only toilets.

What are the rules?
No drafting. You must wear a cycle helmet. No MP3 players or similar. No littering and you must mount and dismount at the designated points.

Race cut offs
The race cut offs are as follows:
Mountain run - 7-9am
Bike - 4pm
Event cut off - 10pm

What kit do I need for the mountain section?
Waterproof/windproof coat
More than 400ml of water or other drink

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Entry fees

The PIG - £135
The Little PIG - £68
The PIG Team - £185
The Little PIG Team - £98

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