The TWO'R Ultra, Ultra Run

The Two'R Ultra, Ultra Trail Run

The Two'R Ultra, Ultra Trail Run is a solo or team, self-supported 'double ONER' (see here for original event). It is 164 miles with over 20,000 feet of elevation over the Jurassic Coast Path.

There is no entry fee or medal. You have to organise your own support crew at the designated check points. You also need to hire a tracker to prove you have completed the entire course and visited all the CP's. It will also need to be shared on Brutal Event's Facebook etc.

IMPORTANT: Before planning your attempt, you need to ensure the ranges will be open when you pass through them (twice), please see here for more info -

"Knowing I had to repeat the same hills I had just gone over felt almost too much to comprehend, I questioned my sanity? What was I doing?"

- James Page - One of the first people to attempt

Attempts so far...

1st attempt - James Page, Pete Scott, Mark Dodgson and Jon Regler - 23rd June 2017
Made it to 104 miles - Kimmeridge

2nd attempt - James Page Mark Dodgson and Pete Scott - 19th August 2017
Mark Dodgson made it to 60 miles
Pete Scott made it to 75 miles
James Page made it to 112 miles - Lulworth cove

3rd attempt - Jon Cox - 9th March 2018
Made it to 90.4 miles - Swanage

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Planned attempts

Jon Cox and Jim Page - 31st August 2018

Dries Ampe - 22nd September 2018

Finished attempts

Jon Cox and Jim Page - 31st August 2018 - time 60:00:33

Think you can finish it?

Contact for more details on route, tracker hire and logistics.